3 Tips To Stay Healthy All Baseball Season

1. Train: 
· Lifting during the season is extremely important so you don’t lose the strength and muscle mass you built all off-season. Your in-season workouts should have you leaving the gym feeling better than when you walked in, not defeated. Those who fail to train during the season usually have their bodies break down and become weak, which will surely increase the likelihood of overuse injuries and compensation related movement injuries. A proper in-season program will emphasize strength maintenance (not building), mobility maintenance, and recovery.

2. Daily Pre-hab: 
· Whether your arms or legs feel great or not, you should never just jump into practice or competition. You should be doing some form of arm care, conditioning, flexibility and mobility work daily. For example, pitchers may prioritize conditioning after a start and arm care, mobility and flexibility in-between starts, and catchers may focus on daily mobility and flexibility. The amount of time spent on each will be dependent on the player, their position and limitations/weaknesses.

3. Recovery (Nutrition/Sleep/Hydration):
· You can do all the right things in the gym, pregame, and postgame but they will mean nothing if you do not fuel/refuel your body properly (I.e., 20-40g of quality carbs, fats and proteins 1-3 hours pregame and 30+g of carbs/protein as soon as possible postgame) , get an adequate amount of quality sleep (7-10 hours), and/or maintain a hydrated state (it is hard to put an exact number but generally you should drink at least half your bodyweight in ounces of water/day). These are so crucial, do not overlook them!

If you are doing all these things then you are in great shape, if not, figure out where you are lacking and start to make changes.

Hope this helps!