“A great experience.”

The TP Strength Coaches are fantastic. Their training program have helped our son gain agility and strength. More importantly, they have taught him how to set goals, be committed, and work hard!

— J.O.

“Very Personalized.”

The TP Strength coaches have really taken the time to understand my son - his strengths and weaknesses. They have done a great job at getting him stronger, both physically and mentally.

— K.M.

My son has been learning so much at TP Strength. He looks forward to every workout and has learned that hard work and commitment pays off. Definitely glad he joined one of their training programs, it has made a big difference and it shows!

— J.T.

Parent of 12 year old baseball player


"Amazing culture.”

The first thing that immediately struck me about the bootcamps was how very kind and welcoming everyone was - instantly introducing themselves, remembering my name, being encouraging during class...etc. Anyway, I liked the diversity of the sessions and what I enjoyed most was that they had tougher modifications available beyond the regular drill, because I really want to push myself. I do know that the group is comprised of a broad range of members with different abilities/goals so it’s important to have an accessible middle ground. The fact that people from all ages and fitness levels partake is very cool and telling.

— D.N.

“Life changing.”

Last year I decided that it was time to invest in my health and well being as I have been overweight for sometime and have been dealing with other health issues. The TP Strength coaches really motivate me and constantly encourage me by remaining stern. I am down 20+ pounds and still going. My workouts have even prepared me for the workday with a better attitude.

— U.J.



Decide. Commit. Act. Succeed. Repeat.