Q: How many training sessions/week should my athlete attend to see the best results. 

During the off-season phase of their sport (i.e., fall/winter for baseball players), athletes should aim to train 2-4x/week (this is the most valuable time for the athlete to train and see extremely noticeable gains). During the in-season phase of their sport (i.e., spring/summer for baseball players), athletes should aim to train at least 1-2x/week to ensure they don't lose the strength gains they worked hard for all off-season.

Q: Can my athlete see performance gains if they only train once/week?

Absolutely! Due to conflicts and other commitments, we have plenty of athletes that only train once/week and have seen tremendous performance gains (just imagine if they did more).


Q: How is semi-private group training different from private group training?

  1. Private group training participants must all agree on a set date and time that is available and everyone for the desired period of time (typically 10 weeks), and that group will be charged for the session whether they are all there or not (unless we are notified 24 hours in advance that all members of the group cannot make it that day). In semi-private group training, you do not have to commit to one single date and time, and you can join any class that has not started yet and you can cancel any class you are enrolled in free of charge up to 2 hours of start time.

  2. Private group training prices vary depending on how many athletes are in the group ($40-55/athlete per session). Semi-private group training cost is $37/session whether there is only 1 athlete in the group or there are 5.

  3. Private group training is not restricted to High School (or approved physically mature athletes) like Semi-private group training.

  4. Private group training participants pick their group and no one else can join that group. Semi-private group training participants can sign up for the same class as their friends but the class is open to all athletes (up to 5 athletes/coach).

Q: How do I sign up for semi-private group training?

There are three ways to sign up for these classes

  1. We strongly urge you to download our mobile app on your smartphone. The app will show the most current availability of all the classes. Also, you will get notifications to your phone when new sessions are added. You can search "Total Performance S&C" in the app store but for your convenience we provided links to download the app below.

  2. Similar to the app, our website will always have an updated version of our class schedule and availability. You can view it at anytime here:

  3. Email us the sessions you would like us to reserve for you.



Q: Can I sign my athlete up for the same class every week in advance, or do I have to wait each week to do it?

You can sign up as far in advance as you can view the schedule online or in the app (if you are having difficulties scheduling just email us and we will manually put your athlete in all the classes you want). We strongly urge that you reserve convenient times that you think you will attend in advance to ensure your spot. 

Q: Do I have to pay for all the classes I enroll my athlete in in advance?

No, you only pay after the session is complete. If your athlete is enrolled in a class and they do not show, you will be charged for the session.