Sled Exercises - Sleds help increase force production from hip extension and hip hypertension. Sleds can be used to help develop the entire posterior chain, raise aerobic/anaerobic capacity, GPP, increase strength endurance, increase explosive force, and work as a means of restoration. We may also use sleds for upper body pulling and pushing as well.

Special Strength - Movements with resistance that incorporate the joint dynamics of the skill - Sled marching the example.

Specific Strength - Movements with resistance that are imitative of the joint action - Sled Sprints the example.

Why we like them so much: We use most sled exercises to help improve speed, acceleration, and running form and therefore are a great way to “bridge the gap” between weight training and form running drills.

Key Points:

  • Sleds increase the ability to apply force to the ground and create forward movement.

  • If the athlete has to severely alter their posture and mechanics then the resistance is too heavy.

  • Sleds are great for acceleration but may not increase top overall speed (which is rarely needed in most sports).

  • 10% of bodyweight added to the sled with high velocities can help improve speed/acceleration.