5 Ways To Increase Your SPEED

Here are a few ways we help our athletes improve their SPEED (see accompanying videos below)

💥If your not doing some of this stuff you could be missing out💥 

1) Increase Relative Strength / Work Capacity (Sled Work) - Eliminate deceleration throughout a sprint - absorption of force, accepting of force, redirecting of force - increases knee extensor strength/posterior chain. - ex. Sled Drag - Focus on finding a moderate load (not heavy or light) and maintaining constant speed through your desired distance.

2) Increase Rate of Force Development (Rapid Response Drills) - increasing rate of force development across the ankle, knee and hip - Application of the stretch reflex (redirecting force) - ex. Drop Box Jump - Focus on minimal ground contact times

3) Increase Power / Explosive Strength (Accommodating Resistance/Contrast Methods) - teaches athletes to accelerate and create an increasingly amount of force rapidly through the entire ROM of the exercise - ex. Deadlift (40-55% range) + Bands - Focus on bar speed

4) Increase Absolute Strength (Max Effort Work) - Best way to increase max muscular strength - ex. Deadlift (90+% range) - Focus on Increasing 1RM (rep max)

5) Increase Running Form - Help tighten up inefficiencies and inconsistencies in your form - ex. Arm Action/ “Piston Like” Leg Action Drills - Focus on speed but also getting full ROM (full flexion and extension)

If you want to improve your speed you are going to need to increase the amount of force you can create and put into the ground, decrease the amount of time it takes you to create, accept and redirect that force, and improve your form, all with minimum increases in body mass or weight😬 

These have to be carefully integrated into your training program as some of these are for experienced athletes only, performed at very specific volumes, and not performed on the same days.