5-Tool Player - Summer Camp

WHAT? Summer camp devoted strictly to improving all the physical areas of baseball performance. 5-tool player: The ideal player; an athlete who excels at hitting for average, hitting for power, base-running skills and speed, throwing ability, and fielding abilities. Each day of summer camp will have drills designed to improve each of these skill areas. 

WHEN? 7 1-Week Sessions Starting June 26th. M-Th 2:30-3:30 PM.

  1. June 26-June 29
  2. July 10 - July 13
  3. July 17 - July 20
  4. July 24 - July 27
  5. July 31 - Aug 3
  6. Aug 7 - Aug 10
  7. Aug 14 - Aug 17

WHO? Baseball players ages 8 and up (age groups 8-11 & 12+).

WHY? During the Summer is when most overuse and non-contact injuries occur. This is mainly due to the lack of emphasis on physical training during the season. This Summer program is mainly designed to maintain all of the strength we built leading up to this point, so we can be sure we do not put our bodies at a disadvantage and greater risk of injury. Emphasis is placed on strength/muscle mass/force production maintenance, arm-care, injury prevention and recovery. 

WHERE? Total Performance: 27 Radio Circle Dr., Mt. Kisco, NY 10549 (located inside of Proswing Baseball Training Center).

PRICE? $125/Player/Session

Day 1 - Improve Throwing Ability - Arm Care, Conditioning, Upper-Body Strength

Day 2 - Improve Overall Speed, Base-running & Defensive Range - Speed, Quickness, Agility, Running Form, Technique

Day 3 - Improve Hitting & Throwing Power - Lower-Body/Core Strength, Power, Explosiveness 

Day 4 - Improve Hitting For Average & Injury Prevention - Reaction Time, Body Control/Awareness, Recovery, Balance, Stability, Coordination, Durability