WHY: Participating in our off-season team training program will:

  • prepare your son for the next level
  • increase their overall athletic ability
  • reduce their risk of injury
  • increase their confidence
  • develop their on-field leadership skills
  • build team comradery.


  • 9u: Sunday 11-12PM (1/7 - 3/25)
  • 10u: Sunday 1:30-2:30PM (1/7 - 3/25)
  • 11u: Saturday 10-11AM (1/6 - 3/24)
  • 12u: Sunday 12:30-1:30PM (1/7 - 3/25)
  • 13u: Saturday 4-5PM (1/6 - 3/10)
  • 14u: Sunday 3:30-4:30PM (1/7 - 3/11)
  • 15u: Sunday 2-3PM (1/7 - 3/11)


  • $35/Session (pay as you go)
  • $300/10 sessions (up front)

Program Goal by Age Groups

Ages 8-11: For this age group we want to introduce the athletes to training in a fun and positive environment. We want to create a strong foundation for coordination, movement patterns, and athleticism through body-weight exercises and proper running technique so their bodies can be adequately prepared for the physical demands of baseball.

  • Develop mental foundation (work ethic, deliberate focus, character development)
  •  Increase training knowledge (theory, terminology, healthy living)
  • Athletic development – core, flexibility, motor skills/patterns, bodyweight strength training, lifting skills/form, speed/footwork, conditioning

Ages 12-14: For this age group we want to focus on progressing athletic movement with the introduction of low level power exercises, speed mechanics, weight lifting and spotting.

  • Expand mental foundation (work ethic building, character development, discipline)
  • Increase training knowledge (theory, terminology, healthy living)
  • Athletic development - Intermediate speed dynamics (acceleration, velocity), low level power (explosive strength lifts, low level plyometrics), range of motion/flexibility, strength exercises (absolute strength lifts, functional strength exercises, core strength)

Ages 15+: For this age group we designed our program to develop strength, power, speed and agility using Olympic lifts and advanced speed dynamics, similar to that of a collegiate strength & conditioning program.

  • Enhance mental capacity (work ethic, character, discipline, mental toughness, leadership)
  • Advanced athletic development - linear and lateral speed dynamics (sport specific), power training (olympic lifts, advanced plyometrics), pre-hab/injury prevention (flexibility, mobility, stability, range of motion), strength exercises (sport specific)




STEP 2  

  • Locate your Pride Team's assigned group training session (make sure it is the right age) and click on the "sign up" button (if you cant make your teams assigned training time please let us know before signing up for a different age group's assigned training time). 
  • Using the login and password you created in step 1, sign in and follow the instructions that follow to purchase your first session.