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Programs / Pricing

Training in an elite program like ours at TP will prepare you for the next level, increase your overall athletic ability, reduce your risk of injury, increase your confidence, develop your on field leadership skills, and make you a better athlete and person.

No matter what your age, sport, position, or skill level we have a program for you at TP.  We train athletes from as young as 10 years old all the way to current professional athletes.  

If you are an athlete wanting to pursue the next level in your sport, no matter if it is middle school to JV, JV to Varsity, Varsity to College, or College to Pro then we want you!  

We want athletes who are hungry, driven, dedicated, and in constant pursuit of greatness!


One-On-One Training

Our Private 1 on 1 Training is a very popular program.  This program allows our performance coaches to work with each athlete in a one on one setting.  What this allows us to do is to completely customize the athletes program based on sport, position, time of year, and individual needs.  For example, if one of our athletes needs special emphasis on jumping higher, quicker feet, or getting faster this program allows us to zone in on those specific needs.  Another benefit of this program is the scheduling flexibility.  You can set your own times that fit your schedule around homework, practices, and other things going on.   


4 Session Package

  • 1 Hour - $420 
  • 45 Min - $320
  • 30 Min - $220

8 Session Package

  • 1 Hour - $800
  • 45 Min - $600
  • 30 Min - $400

12 Session Package

  • 1 Hour - $1140
  • 45 Min - $840
  • 30 Min - $540 

Small Group Training

Our Private Small Group Training Program is an excellent program for 2-4 athletes to train together.  This program is cost efficient, and is great for teammates to train together.  As with one-on-one training, you have the flexibility to scheduling your own times around homework, practices, and time of year.  The only downfall to this program is that collectively as a group you have a training time and that training time will go on whether or not your here.  


8 Session Package (1 Hour)

  • 2 Athletes - $480 (ea.)
  • 3 Athletes - $420 (ea.)
  • 4 Athletes - $360 (ea.)

12 Session Package (1 Hour)

  • 2 Athletes - $660 (ea.)
  • 3 Athletes - $570 (ea.)
  • 4 Athletes - $480 (ea.)

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Team Training

Are you a coach wanting to take your team to the next level?  Are you a coach that strives to provide your athletes with every resource possible for them to reach their maximum potential?  Are you a coach that understands you are a great coach, but not a strength and conditioning coach?

We have limited space for private training for your team or organization.  Our performance coaches will sit down with you and develop a plan of action.  We will collectively work together to be an asset in the overall development of your athletes, and pay specific attention to areas of weakness on your team.  Whether its overall quickness, team building, or leadership development we will customize a specific program to reach those goals.  Private Team Training is good for up to 16 athletes per session. 

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