You already know the solution. 

I think it is pretty evident that we all know that in order for us to achieve our fitness and health goals we have to do two things: 1) eat healthier, and 2) move our body more. You don't need us to tell you that, but you do need us to create a plan that works for you, show you how to properly execute it and coach you through every step of the process.



1-1 Training: In our 1-1 sessions you will have one of our coaches take you through a personalized workout tailored around your goals. You can schedule your 1-1 sessions for anytime during the day.  


1-1 Training
60 Minutes - $1050 (10 pack) or $110 (single)

45 Minutes - $750 (10 pack) or $80 (single)


What our adult athletes are saying.


Very personable coaches!

“ Training at TP is great because the coaches create a fun, competitive, and family style environment while still attending to us on a personal level to get the most out of our diverse skill sets and needs.”

— E.A.

Changed my life!

“Last year I decided that it was time to invest in my health and well being as I have been overweight for sometime and have been dealing with other health issues. The TP Strength coaches really motivate me and constantly encourage me by remaining stern. I am down 20+ pounds and still going. My workouts have even prepared me for the workday with a better attitude.”

— U.J.

Amazing culture.

"The first thing that immediately struck me about TP was how very kind and welcoming everyone was. I liked the diversity of the sessions and what I enjoyed most was that they had tougher modifications available beyond the regular drill, because I really want to push myself.”

— D.N.


See our adults in action.


The best investment will always be in yourself.

I can't promise you that you will love the work, but you will definitely love the results.