More than ever before, youth athletes are experiencing injuries related to overuse and subsequent long-term compensation patterns, due to the increasing physical demands in sports (ex. athletes beginning competitive sports younger each year, on multiple teams, and sometimes playing multiple sports at once).

A program specifically designed for youth athletes to enhance performance and prepare their bodies for long term success by first building a strong foundation of strength and quality movement coordination/control.

WHEN: Monday (9/9-11/25) or Wednesday (9/4-11/20) from 6-6:45 (12 sessions)

AGES: 9-11

COST: $366 ($292 If registered before 9/3)

Each class is broken down into two parts: a group component with a weekly movement emphasis (ex. running, jumping, landing, cutting, etc.) and an individual strength component specific to the athlete's individual needs/skill level.


To ensure each athlete gets quality coaching, each class will be capped at 6 athletes. Once the class is filled up you will no longer be able to enroll until the next phase (Winter) begins.

In the event that a conflict arises and you have to miss your scheduled training time, you will be able to make up that day during the other class time but you must first notify a coach so we can make appropriate staffing arrangements if necessary (ex. if your training day is Wednesday, your makeup day would be Monday).

It is possible to join the program after the start date at a prorated rate (if the class is not yet at capacity), but you will not receive the discount.

If you know of any conflicts in advance, please include them in the notes section when enrolling in this class.